8 DIY Home Improvement Hacks On A Budget

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04 | 17 | 2018

Smart and Creative DIY Home Improvement projects don’t require technical skills, nor should it cost one a fortune. Utilizing mostly everyday materials and armed with the perseverance to attain your objective in improving and updating your space, DIY Home Improvement should be a breeze.


Here are 8 DIY Home Improvement Hacks on a shoestring that will turn your home from drab to fab:


1. For the internet geek whose career is on the worldwide web, hide your router with this amazing trick.


Via diyreal.com


2. Use empty tissue boxes to keep your plastic bags organized. Now it’s easy to find those pliable materials without the sweat. 


Via familyhandyman.com


3. Can’t find your best-loved pants when you need them? Hang your jeans on shower hooks to make them more accessible each time you want them.  


Via pinterest.com


4. Love cooking? Put a magnet strip under your cabinets to store spices. 


Via decoreacao.wordpress.com


5. Use letter organizers to store flip flops or flats and never lose a single pair of your favorite footgear ever. 


Via hearty-home.com


6. Do you love reading and collecting books? This easy and literal bookshelf is perfect for that book lover in you. 


Via buzzfeed.com


7. Can’t tell which key is it? Use nail polish to differentiate your keys. 


Via pinterest.com


8. Use a squeegee to remove those pesky pet/human hair from carpet. 


Via barnorama.com


Note that while they’re fun to do, these oh so optional do-it-yourself home improvement projects, actually cost time and money too. An easy and affordable DIY home improvement project that warrants one to spend half a day away from work might not be worth all the trouble.


After you’ve done the Math, you realized that a DIY Home Improvement may not be the best route for a busy person like you, finding someone whose services you can afford to do the grind just might be the best solution to give color to a lusterless space.


At Pagawaan.com, we have an array of reliable and trustworthy professionals who can help you with your home improvement projects. Dependable services with a touch of a DIY Home Improvement concept but easy on the pocket.


Note: This article originally appeared in Buzzfeed.

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