C.H.E.A.P. P.L.A.N. for 2018


01 | 2 | 2018

Here in Pagawaan.com we know the difficulties of planning and sorting things out for your life, it does not matter if it is personal or for business. That’s why we have created some ways and tips in order for people to start planning based on the practicality.

C – Create a vision.

If you would like to be somewhere then it is necessary for you to identify where you wish to be. Creating a vision board for your plans and aspirations is the starting point of everything. By simply writing down your plans on a piece of paper would give the signal to the universe to attract the right energy for your goals.

H – Help people understand your goal.

We have learned that one of the factors of success is having the right people to help you in building and achieving your dreams. This may be not an easy process but everything is worth it. Remember you may be an achiever alone, but having the support system would give you the best result, as the cliché goes two heads are better than one.

E – Eliminate negative thoughts and people.

This step is the answer to your question: “who would be the right person for your team then?” The truth of the matter is not everyone you will meet will be able to help you achieve your desired goals in life. Please note the moment you entertain negative thoughts and people you have to be careful not to be dragged by their emotions.

A – Appreciate what life has to offer.

Whatever is happening in your life now, there are things you could do.  First, think if you or the people around that could alter the situation can do anything. Second, if you cannot change what is happening then you can change your perspective. Our mind still is one of the most powerful assets we can develop in time.

P – Prepare yourself.

Planning is all about preparation in which you will identify all the possible options available and should change occur from time to time then we must openly embrace it. The best preparation anyone can do is not the best laid out plan but those people who can make do things properly when something pops up.

P – Perform your best.

Perfection is to court disappointments and failed dreams. However, being the best is something else. You do not have to compete with others, as being the best always choose to grow by scrutinizing yourself and making self-reflection of the things you have done. Excellence is within everyone’s reach.

L – Listen to expert in your field.

The most appropriate way to learn and discover a journey is simply asking the person who already been in the place where you wish to be. Their experience is a great opportunity for your own learning as you might discover the most suitable process for your own.

A – Act according to your plan but flexibility is necessary.

Plans are there to guide us but there are certain times in which it will not work the way we want it to be. Better yet be ready to flexible from time to time. The word plan and change are somehow synonymous with each other.

 N – Never forget to share.

Lastly, sharing is also a vital part of plan because the more you impart values to others, the more values you’ll get for yourself. Remember your results are always dependent on how much value you are willing to shell-out for others.

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