01 | 10 | 2018

Most of the time people cannot go into business because; they do not understand that establishing an enterprise requires team and group dynamics. That is why here in Pagawaan.com offers you the right “C.H.O.I.C.E.S” in selecting your business partners.

C – Commitment
Business is a form of relationship thus; commitment is a vital ingredient for it to flourishes. Having commitment is not the same as contributing. When someone has a commitment it does not end after the contribution, it ends when things are completely accomplish.

H – Honesty
For most of most of us, honesty is the best guiding principle but for us in Pagawaan.com honesty is the only policy. Being honest does not entail so much memory as you are not required to remember everything when you say things with all honesty. Transparency should be a personal brand.

O –Ownership
Of course, who would not love a business partner that will treat your ideas as if it is theirs? When someone puts up a business, it is similar at birthing stage – very sensitive and emotional that is why ownership would be the best add-on for your list. Taking good care of someone’s investment, property and ideas are not an easy task.

I – Innovative
Innovation is a necessity for any enterprise. Most of the successful businesses today are those who are capable of not just providing the best products and services but also those who are capable of embracing innovation. When you do not change, you will become extinct.

C – Collaborative
You maybe the best person with the best idea and working alone can be faster but working in a group is stronger. Task delegation is one of the best strategies in managing your start-up. Being a team player is your clue for getting a business partner that will drive success.

E – Empowering
As we have said earlier, starting up a business will give you so many challenges that sometimes would consume your energy. The best business collaborator is the one who knows how to take the wheel from you. A good business partner is someone who would not let you be in the low moment for the longest.

S – Systematic
Good business partners should have an organized thoughts and systematic approach towards your enterprise. Most of the time this factor is one of the most overlooked. Many of the aspiring entrepreneurs neglect the idea of a good system.

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