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How it Works for Service Providers and Suppliers

How it Works for Pagawaan Clients

Register as a Customer


So, you need a help in doing the household chores, or conceptualizing about your first business venture, or building a furniture set?


Your journey to getting the recommended provider of the service you need starts with registering as a customer. aims to provide a comprehensive life of verified providers of all legally-acknowledged services. All you need to do is provide your name, email address, and contact details plus additional details to describe your project.



Post a Project


Once registered, you may now post a project to include details such as the project description, location of work, desired completion date, price range in the form of star icons, etc. You may also set the timeframe as to how long you are willing to wait for qualified bids to choose from.


Available on future launches, you can invite service providers to go bid on your project. By doing so, you are sure to tap the providers you have already worked with.



Review Bids


Go to your project portal to review bids from all interested service providers. suggests that you perform additional review of the providers’ profile especially in cases of high-value projects.  You may consider inviting them to meet with you in person to discuss the scope of work and to test how they intend to carry out the job.



Award the Project


Update the status of the bidding opportunity so that all the bidders get informed once the opportunity has been awarded to a deserving provider and thank the other bidders for participating.



Rate the Provider


Evaluate the performance of the chosen provider so that other project/service clients know about the quality of work and guide them in awarding a project.

Choose your business


Your journey to getting paid opportunities starts with selecting your business type. welcomes all types of service provider – from student, freelancer, to company – as long as service is delivered to clients in the most timely and exceptional means.


Read through the benefits according to business type. Benefits range from the number of industry registrations, access to high-value featured projects and professional enrichment services.




To be a part of our fast-growing team, potential service providers must register an account through the website. The type of information that will be required from applicants may vary depending on the chosen type of service provider.


To give you a glimpse, a student who is applying to be our service provider needs to present his valid school ID. A freelancer needs to present his curriculum vitae, portfolio, and relevant documents that can prove his expertise. Lastly, a company must present its business registration, portfolio, and government permits in order to proceed. aims to provide its customers with a comprehensive list of trustworthy service providers, making the daily lives of its customers more convenient. A qualified student can become a Service Provider by complying with minimal requirements free of charge. Freelancer and companies, on the other hand, need to settle a very minimal and affordable capital or investment fee.


As much as we want to welcome everyone to be part of our mission, we also want to guarantee our clients that they will be getting the quality output that they pay for.


Get Verified


Potential service providers undergo a deliberate process where team verifies all the information uploaded through the system. You may expect an email of phone call from one of our verification officers within 24 hours for some possible clarifications. Failure to meet the standard requirements within the prescribed period will cause refusal of application to become a Pagawaan Service Provider.


These measures form part of our commitment to provide our customers with nothing but topnotch services.


Once your account is ready to be used, you can now start looking for active opportunities that you can participate in through bidding. puts premium to quality service from its accredited providers. Work on projects awarded to you to satisfy customers who will provide a rating. Based on their rating of your performance, you can get featured as a recommended service provider. This will give you higher chance of being seen by customers who are in need of services you are offering.


One important note. Remember that the use of portal is subject to Acceptable Use Policy. The offending party will receive an email notification to inform him about the infraction.


Non-compliance will be treated by based on the gravity of offense.

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